How Good Are the Kansas City Chiefs?

 The Chiefs have the 2nd longest current win streak in the NFL right now with 8 wins. They are the only team in NFL history to do so after losing 5 straight in the same season.

Over the course of that streak their defense has been dominant as they have held opponents to an average of only 12 points per game.

Over that same period, the Carolina Panthers who are still undefeated this year, have allowed 21 points a game to their opponents.

The major knock against the Chiefs coming into this season, was their inability to throw a touchdown pass to a wide receiver. This has changed dramatically over the course of the streak, as Alex Smith has thrown a touchdown to a receiver 9 times in the last 8 games. Ironically, this offense came alive right around the same time Jamaal Charles was lost for the season.

The knock on the Chiefs this year, is that they haven’t beat anyone good, although the streak started when they beat the Steelers who are currently 9-5. 

They have also beaten the Broncos and the Texans who currently sit in 1st place atop their respective divisions, and the Chiefs have out scored their opponents by a ridiculous 238-98 during the streak.

The Chiefs have crept quietly to just one game behind the Broncos in the AFC West with just 2 games left on the schedule.

Besides the fact that their defense is playing lights out football, and their offense is red hot at just the right time, the biggest advantage the Chiefs have right now, is that no one is taking them seriously.

With the 2 remaining games on their schedule being at home against the Browns and the Raiders, the Chiefs have the ability to keep their momentum and anonymity alive as they cruise into the playoffs. 

How good are the Chiefs? It’s almost impossible to put a value on what they’ve done, but it’s clear that they have completely turned the corner on the beginning of the season. 

If the other teams don’t become aware of them soon, the Chiefs could find themselves fighting for a ring in February.

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