The Stretch Run

Sitting on top of their division with only four games left in the regular season, the Packers knew it was time to quit messing around and start preparing for the stretch run.

That’s why they decided to end the alternative play calling experiment and hand full control of the offensive reigns back to the guy who does it best, Head Coach Mike McMarthy.

When the weather starts to become sloppy in the months of December and January, there’s only one sure way to win games at Lambeau Field, and that’s to establish a solid run game. Around the Frozen Tundra, we call it “playoff football.”

Even though the Packers run game has been anything but consistent lately, McCarthy decided to stick to that philosophy and it paid off huge. He got a solid game out of not only one, but two of his backs, for a total of 195 yards rushing and two TDs on the ground, and 5 receptions for 56 yards and a TD in the air from the duo.

When you are talking about a game featuring the two participants of the notorious “Ice Bowl,” you would think both sides would be well aware of the affects of the elements in the middle of the winter at Lambeau Field. 

However, That didn’t stop the Cowboys from trying to move the ball through the air to their star receiver Dez Bryant. This mistake led to plenty of drops, and most importantly a tipped ball in the end zone, which haulted the Cowboys first drive and turned the momentum in the Packers favor.

This allowed Lacy to keep rumbling straight ahead, Starks to open up gashes on the outside, the defense to focus on keeping the ball in front them, and let Aaron Rodgers take on the roll of ultimate game manager.

The Packers not only won easily and decisively, they were able to start developing the mentality they need to face the end the season on a positive note, and to prepare to steamroll through whatever and whoever steps in their way once the playoffs start.

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