Their Best Yet…

You want to know what’s scary? The Green Bay Packers are 8-4, have the 6th best record in the entire NFL, 3rd best in the NFC, 1st place in the NFC North, had a 6 game winning streak to start the season, won their last game by overcoming a 20 point 3rd quarter deficit, and still haven’t played their best football.

The closest they’ve come so far, was a complete destruction of the Minnesota Vikings, in which Eddie Lacy had his first 100 yard rushing game of the season, the defense completely stymied Adrian Peterson, and Mason Crosby (who missed the game winning score the week before) redeemed himself by making 5 field goals in a game that was over by halftime. 

What’s so encouraging about that for Green Bay is, that entering the game against the Vikings, the Packers had their backs against the wall. They were coming off a humiliating 3 game losing streak, had just given up full control of 1st place to Minnesota, and looked like they were about to lose all hope for the playoffs.  

In other words, they played their best game of the season so far, right when they needed it the most. 

Hopefully, the Packers will feel that same urgency now, and that trend will continue, even though they face two relatively easy games (Cowboys and Raiders), before meeting possibly their biggest challenge of the season in Carson Palmer, and the Arizona Cardinals.

What was supposed to be the easiest part of the schedule, playing 4 games in a row against the division rivals, who they have dominated in recent history, turned into a nightmare, which they were very fortunate to escape with a 2-2 record thanks to a Hail Mary pass against the Lions last week. 

However, it could turn out to be the best thing that happened to them this year, as it gives them a new perspective on the season, and shows them that they definitely have the talent to win, and that they can overcome any obstacle in front of them as long as they are focused. 

 The Packers know they have to have a dominant running game if they want to make a deep playoff run. Their defense has to play at their best consistently, and Aaron Rodgers has to once again become comfortable in the pocket.  

This year has been full of ups and downs, good and bad, crazy and crazier for the Packers and their fans. However, anyone who follows the Packers knows that it doesn’t get any less insane in Green Bay during December and January… But one thing is for certain. Although we have already seen some amazing things from this Packers team. The best is yet to come!

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