Three Waiver Wire Defenses that Could Give you an Advantage in Your Pursuit of a Fantasy Championship 

Because of the inconsistent nature of fantasy defenses, a lot of owners tend to overlook the position all together or just make a somewhat uneducated guess as they concentrate on the “important” positions in their lineup.

With the playoffs upon us, it makes sense to find a team defense who will give you a leg up, and possibly be the difference between an early exit and a championship.

Here are three Defenses that I have commonly found to be just sitting around on waiver wires, waiting to give you a leg up in your league.

1. Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs denfense has come on strong recently, as the team is in the middle of a 6 game winning streak in which they have allowed a remarkably low 14 points per game to opposing offenses. They have amassed 17 total interceptions over the course of the season, with 15 of those picks coming in the last 7 games. They have 6 total fumble recoveries, with 3 of those coming in their last 3 games, and 4 TDs, with two of those coming in the last 2 games. According to ESPN standard league scoring, they have scored in double figures in 7 of 12 games, at least 7 points in 9 of 12, and their only two negative games were back in weeks 2 and 3. You should be able to start them with confidence throughout the playoffs, knowing that they are fighting for a playoff spot, and their last four games of the season are against the Chargers, Ravens, Browns and Raiders.


2. Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles defense is probably the most risky of the three, as they started off the season hot, accumulating most of their 14 interceptions, 9 fumble recoveries, and half of their 6 TDs early on in the season, but have cooled off as of late. However, after a huge showing in their stunning defeat of the Patriots on Sunday night, in which they picked off 2 passes, and scored 3 TDs, they are now tied for first in their division, and looking like they could be getting back on track. They have a couple of tough match ups against the Bills and Cardinals in the next two weeks, but then face the Redskins, and the Giants who they scored 20 points against in week 6. 


3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

The Buccaneers probably won’t be the reason you win a game as they only average 6.75 points per game, but if the rest of your team is solid, and you are looking for a defense who won’t lose the game for you, this is your squad. They have yet to score negative in any game this year,  and have raised their average to 9 points, per game, while accumulating 5 picks, 1 interception, and one TD, over the last 4. Their final game of the season is against a Carolina Panthers team who will most likely be resting of their starters at that point.

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