32. Cleveland Browns
A lot of teams have struggled this season, but none quite like the Browns. Not only are they tied for the league’s worst record, but they seem to have failed to answer any of the questions leftover from last season. The good news is they should have one of the top picks in the draft.


 31. San Francisco 49ers

What could of been a season of rebuilding for the 49ers turned into a disaster for a team that just can’t seem to admit when they are wrong. Now they are left with even less and no real place to start over next year.

30. Dallas Cowboys 

With Tony Romo this team wins. Without him they don’t stand a chance. Right now they are without him.

29. San Diego Chargers

I understand that it’s hard to give up on a franchise Quarterback, but it’s been made very clear this year, that no matter how good he is, the Chargers will never win with Phillip Rivers at the helm. 
  28. Baltimore Ravens

This once virtually impenetrable defense, has now been made the laughing stock of the league as opposing teams have figured out they can shred the Tavens impotent secondary.
27. Tennessee Titans
Despite a lack of success this season,  the Titans have a reason for hope in the future. With a ton of talent on defense, and an offense loaded with potential future stars they seem to be heading in the right direction.

26. St. Louis Rams

Now that the Rams have their running back of the future in place, in rookie sensation, Todd Gurley, they need to focus on solving the riddle of the receiving game.
  25. New Orleans Saints

It seems the Saints have gotten so used to being mediocre, that they didn’t realize they had slipped way below that. It is time for this team to move on from its underachieving stars and begin a new era in New Orleans.

24.  Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles are experiencing what most teams would consider a very solid rebuilding year, and seem to have some very decent pieces in place for the future. However,  in the city with the most passionate fans in the League, patience is a luxury they just can’t afford.

23. Miami Dolphins

During the two games that Cameron Wake was healthy this team appeared to be clicking on all cylinders. The rest of the time they are very pedestrian at best.

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