Jordy Nelson: Trending Upward!

Jordy hasn’t run a route, caught a pass, scored a touchdown, or even suited up for a game this year, yet with every day that passes, his value to the Packers organization climbs higher and higher.
After a hot start to the year, the offense has looked lost without their superstar receiver stretching the field, making that back shoulder catch to move the chains, or hauling in a fade in the end zone to seal a drive with that all important 6 points.

The Packers would love to have even a portion of his 98 catches, 1519 yards, and 13 TDs from last year. Because even though they have a ton of receivers that make a decent “Robin,” it’s obvious that as far as Green Bay’s offense is concerned, their is only one guy suited to take on the role of “Batman.”
After showing their faith in Randall Cobb in the offseason by making him their highest paid receiver, the Packers front office better prepare themselves to bust out their wallets soon and show Nelson the same kind of love.

Because it’s becoming more clear than ever, that when it comes to the big receiving play in Green Bay, their is no one else in the same realm as Jordy Nelson!

One Comment

  1. Jordy is a tremendous receiver, and my one and only Lambeau Leap (top one surreal sports moments) but he’s exceptional because he and A-Rod share a unique unspoken “on the field” connection. Without one another, Jordy will never reach his full potential and surprisingly neither will A-Rod…



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