What’s Wrong With the Green Bay Packers?

This is hardly a question you’d hear from most teams who have had a 6 game winning streak, are 7-4, have a quarterback playing at an MVP level, a running back who has broke out for two straight 100 yard games, and a defense who is only allowing 16 points a game over the last 3.

This is different. We are talking Green Bay Packer football.  This is Title Town where anything less than a touchdown on any given drive is unacceptable. Anything less than a win is a tragedy, and anything less than a Super Bowl is a failed season.

Down by 1 point at halftime and fans are talking about firing coaches, benching players, and irrationally enough… There is always next year.

Over the last 22 years this team has been lead by Hall of Fame caliber QBs, won two Super Bowls, made the playoffs almost every year, and dominated our division. 

They’ve done it mainly by keeping our stars and rebuilding through the draft. A strategy that doesn’t always produce a Champion, but puts a quality product on the field almost every year. 

If I had to pinpoint a problem within the current team itself, I’d have to say the lack of leadership, both from players and coaches.

The talent is definitely there, but sometimes the team just looks flat. There is a lack of killer instinct in the middle of games. It seems like if they get a lead early they get comfortable, if they get behind, they give up until it’s too late.

The real promblem to me seems to be with the fan’s perspective. It’s one thing to say win, lose or tie…or Green and Gold til I’m dead and cold, but it’s another thing altogether to truly support your team. To have their back no matter what. 

They have given us their best for more than two decades. I plan on giving them my full support even when they struggle through a rough stretch. 

I don’t plan on giving up any time soon! Call me crazy, but I still see us winning our division, going deep into the playoffs, and making a run at the trophy.

But either way, no matter what, I will be proud of my team, and whatever happens, you will find me, with a smile on my face, yelling…

Go Pack Go!!!

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