Wake the Beast

Why have the Dolphins suddenly won back to back games since the bye after starting the season 1-3? 

Some will tell you it has to do with an easy stretch of the schedule, the fact that Ryan Tannehill has finally found his rhythm, or a change at Head Coach.

All of these factors may have helped, but the truth is, Cameron Wake is finally feeling good. 

After being held without a sack in the first 5 games of 2015 while fighting a hamstring issue, the veteran pass rusher has 6 in the last two games.

It might just be a coincidence, but his resurgence has come right in time for the team’s biggest game of the year against the Patriots at Foxboro. 

With 2 sacks against Brady in the Dolphins upset of the Patriots in the  season opener last year, and at least one sack against him  in each of his first 6 seasons in the NFL for a total of 8.5, Wake has always been a problem for the Patriots. 

He’s such an explosive player off the edge, and he’s just a ball hawk,” Brady said. “Last year, that was a big turning point in the game when he strip-sacked me and they got the ball on a short field, and he’s done that again the last couple of weeks. So not only can he get the edge and sack the quarterback, but usually he can create turnovers for their defense. So he’s just, he’s a dominant player. He’s been to the Pro Bowl I don’t how many times. It’s been a lot. Playing against him, he’s got the respect of everybody on our team, our coaches, and he’s just, he’s a force and it’s hard to slow him down.”

Now with the Patriots down to their 3rd stringer at tackle, things could get ugly quick for Brady, and Wake should continue his reign of terror!

In the the beginning of the season there was confusion and conflict on the defensive side of the ball for the Dolphins. Now with their leader back in the grove, and ten total sacks in their last two games, the sky is the limit for this rambunctious squad.

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