Todd Gurley: Running Wild

Todd Gurley is on pace to rush for 1686 yards this year.  

After missing the first two games of the season, and only rushing for 9 yards on six carries in the third. Gurley busted loose for 146 yards against the Arizona Cardinals, and 159 yards against the Green Bay Packers in weeks 4 and 5 respectively.

 The young phenom is averaging almost 6 yards a carry, and even though he hasn’t  made his first visit to the end zone yet, he seems like he’s becoming a serious threat to go the distance every time he touches the ball.

The best season for a running back is 1808 by the great Eric Dickerson. If Gurley stays healthy and continues to improve, he could easily threaten this record which was set over 16 games. 

He may only be 3 games into his career, but he’s not intimidated by anyone, as he showed when Clay Matthews tried to go over him, and Gurley threw the veteran linebacker to the ground.

It is that kind of mental and physical strength that seem to be propelling the youngster to sudden success.

One things that stands out is that after he bursts through the line, and into the open field, he runs with a confident and upright style reminiscent of Adrian Peterson.


It may be too soon to anoint the rookie as anything more than just a talented prospect, but in a league that seems to be rapidly turning their running games to committees, Gurley is making a solid case that he will be be the next great workhorse.

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