Jordy Nelson: Terrible Twist of Fate

There is no doubt that Jordy Nelson has inspired a whole new generation of Green Bay Packer fans. He’s bigger, faster and smarter than most others at his position, and consistently lights up any stadium with ridiculous backshoulder catches and a dynamic smile.
For the last few years, he’s been Aaron Rodger’s best friend on the field, and a definite fan favorite ever since taking over in Super Bowl 45, when Donald Driver went down with an injury.
Now just months after watching the Packers make Randall Cobb the highest paid receiver on the team, Nelson can’t do much more than sit by and watch his teammates succeed without him, ever since he tore his ACL in the team’s first preseason game this year.
“It’s difficult to lose a guy like that in a meaningless game,” quarterback Aaron Rodgers said after the game in which Nelson was injured.
On the other hand, opposing team’s fans couldn’t help but rejoice when it was announced that Nelson was done for the year. To them, itspelled the end of the Packers season.
However, any true fan of the NFL knows that as long as Aaron Rodgers takes the field for the Packers offense, they have a great chance of coming out on top. It doesn’t matter if you’re a star, a backup, a practice squad player, or even a waiver wire pick up (who two other teams let go), if you even appear to be open, the reigning MVP will put the ball where you can catch it.
“Life in the NFL sometimes is who’s the next man up. That’s what we’ll start focusing on,” Packers General Manager Ted Thompson said when asked about his star receiver’s injury. “Certainly, we’re not in any position where we think we can necessarily replace Jordy. Jordy is a wonderful player, wonderful person in the community and everything else. He’ll continue to do that, but maybe we find two or three guys who can fill the role that he played.”
As it turns out, those two or three guys have stepped up quite well so far, and for that reason, even though Nelson has to be thrilled at his team’s current successes, there has to be some doubt in his mind as to his own job security.
Next time he steps onto the field, he will be a thirty one year old who is recovering from a season ending injury, and trying to justify his worth against younger and less costly players who are proving they can win without him.
What makes the situation more real for Nelson, is that only a few short years ago, he was on the opposite side of the spectrum, trying to prove himself against veterans like, Donald Driver, Greg Jennings and even James Jones, (who ironically after losing his job to Nelson, is now his replacement).
If the past is any form of predictor, the Packers front office wouldn’t hesitate to move on from Nelson in the upcoming offseason, and continue to groom the younger receivers. They, along with Rodgers, have a very solid history of turning relative no names, like Nelson himself once was, into stars.
Despite the injury, Nelson’s value is as high as ever, and it would seem very easy for the Packers to trade him for draft picks, or a younger player with upside.
Even though at this point, it seems like that could be the best case scenario for the team’s future, it’s hard to imagine the fan base being okay with letting one of their favorite heroes go that easily.
For now they will just have to keep their fingers crossed , and hope that their team’s continued winning, doesn’t bring them a devastating loss.

One Comment

  1. hogwash!! it will be Jordy, James, Randall, then on down the line… I am a devoted Packers fan of 57 years…. There will be a spot for Jordy as long as he can play at the highest level …. then sideline coach!



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