Top 5 Fantasy Wide Receivers 2015

  1. Julio Jones- 104 receptions and 1593 receiving yards on a bum leg with his Quarterback having to make up for a injury riddled offensive line is superhuman. Yeah, his 6 TD’s are a bit of a let down, but with a patched up line and a healthy Jones, all of his numbers should climb and his trips to the end zone should once again reach double digits. There should be no doubt this “Dirty Bird” is by far the best Wide Receiver in football.
  2. Randall Cobb- As long as he can stay healthy, Cobb should easily take over as the Packers number one receiver and aaron Rodgers favorite target. His QB has shown utmost faith in him since the minute he stepped on the field, and we have seen what happens when Rodgers trusts his guys. He has all the tools of a superstar in the most high powered offense in the league. At 24 years old this young veteran is still climbing the mountain and this year should be his best yet.
  3. Dez Bryant-This dude is a touchdown machine, and with DeMarco Murray gone and the weight of the offense falling squarely on his shoulders,  I look for him to step up even more this year. Dez craves the spotlight,  and he should have plenty of that and a ton of targets to haul in, especially in the red-zone. As long as he stays focused he should be a great catch.
  4. Demaryius Thomas-Even with a full stable of receiving options, DT stood head and shoulders above the other Broncos receivers. With Julius Thomas gone I look for Peyton Manning to find Demaryius even more often, especially in the end zone. This guy has yet to hit his peak, and should have mind blowing numbers again this year.
  5. Antonio Brown-He is the receiver that is defining what the passing game in the NFL will be in the future. He is the antithesis of the monster end zone threats we are used to, but with his team showing a lot of inconsistency last year, and facing turmoil in the offseason, I look for AB to take a minor step back. Defenses are becoming familiar with him now, and his style of play is less of a surprise. That being said, he will still have eye popping numbers and should be a game changing asset to any team.

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