King Nothing

I’m well aware that Kevin Love missed the most important part of the playoffs, and Kyrie Irving was unavailable for the Finals. I also understand that the Cavaliers went into the Championships facing great adversity, and that it would probably have taken a miracle for them to beat Golden State, but who else could have one of the best Finals performances ever, and still lose, besides LeBron James?

After following this year’s playoffs, I can’t help admit that James has established himself as one of the best all around individual players of all time in the NBA. With his size, athleticism, ability to hurt you inside and out and his overall knack for the game, he is a matchup nightmare for anyone.

He’s proven that no matter who is around him, he can put his team on his back and will them to victory in many games. About the time you think he’s buried and has no hope, he does something ridiculous to remind the world just how good he really is.

“I feel confident because I’m the best player in the world.” Where the words that came out of his mouth after Sunday’s 104-91 Game 5 loss to Golden State, when a reporter suggested he may be feeling less pressure because his team was undermanned.

It would appear that this is the very attitude that has alienated James from a lot of NBA fans, members of the media, and possibly even past and current teammates. 

We all know he’s great, maybe even the best in the world, and possibly one of the greatest ever, but do we really need to hear it from him? Yeah, it’s good for him to be his own man, but sometimes he comes across as very egotistical and selfish, like the only person on the team that matters is him.

“First of all, I’ve got three very good friends in this league, and that’s Carmelo [Anthony], and that’s C.P. [Chris Paul], and that’s D-Wade,” James said, according to “And after that I have a bunch of teammates. I have guys I ride for every day.”

Ironically, he ditched one of those friends to come back to Cleveland, after losing last year’s championship in Miami. 

As an NBA fan, I’ve found it hard to cheer for LeBron James ever since I saw how easily he turned his back on his hometown, and even harder now that he came prancing back into Cleveland like nothing happened expecting everyone to just forgive him. The sad part is they did.

It’s hard to feel any pride for a guy who’s only loyalty seems to be toward himself. It may not be that ironic then, that he has lost exactly two-thirds of the Championships he’s played in. Maybe his teammates get tired of knowing that no matter how hard they try, he’ll take all the credit anyway.

We all heard the stories of how he showered his teammates with gifts and took them to the movies to “destress”. What a fun and loveable guy right? My question is, was this a selfless act, or a peace offering to satisfy his own guilt?

Arrogance, defiance, disloyalty, and selfishness only go so far in a team sport, and LeBron is reaping the product of what he has sowed.  He had ridiculous numbers all series long, and once again walked away empty handed, but it doesn’t seem to even bother him as long as he gets the stats and the press, and everyone still knows he’s the King.

He is one of, if not the greatest individual player ever, but that is where his legend will end. The guy who consistently climbs the mountain just to get pushed down. A large portion of his fans are just as frivolous as he is, riding his coat tails from team to team, drawing off his fame, and hoping one day he will pull through again. However, once again he has built his kingdom just to watch it fall.

Where’s your crown, King Nothing?

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