Eddie Lacy: The Eye of the Storm

On the football field Eddie Darwin Lacy Jr. doesn’t do anything halfway. With his arms pumping, legs churning, and dreadlocks whipping through the air, he puts as much effort into a one yard run as most players put into an entire career. His aggressive style has already earned him  a couple of concussion’s in just two years in the NFL, but that doesn’t seem to stop him or even slow him down. 

The former Rookie of the Year already had such an impressive spin move in college that his teammates nicknamed him “Circle Button” after the move on the PlayStation controller. Then teammate, Trent Richardson, told reporters that its what separates Lacy from other backs. “Its the nastiest spin move ever.” He said.

Just like in college Lacy has found himself in the shadow of a bigger star in the NFL. In two seasons he has averaged over 1100 hundred yards on 4.4 yards per carry average, 10 rushing touchdowns while adding 684 yards receiving on 77 catches. Yet people still say he will never be the man in Green Bay while Aaron Rodgers is there. You’d think it would bother him, but it doesn’t seem to at all.

He just keeps blasting forward, smashing heads and putting up consistent numbers in an offense were he is viewed as second fiddle.

He has encountered almost every type of adversity possible in his short career, but just like with the most determined tackler it just bounces off his back like nothing.

“I can get through anything, any obstacle, after what I been through.” Lacy said about his family losing their house in the devastation of Katrina.

This coming from a guy who as a 9th grader had all of his possessions including his football trophies, buried and ruined by the flood. It didn’t stop him then and the resolve he gained from it has him pushing forward for more.

Ever since encountering the tragedy they say Lacy started to run angry. It’s scary to think about what would happen if they actually gave him the chance to do more. What kind of havoc could he wreak ifthey ever gave him a bigger chunk of the workload and let him unleash his full fury on the league?

After years of searching for a legitimate running back, it’s obvious the Packers have finally found the piece that adds balance to their already high-powered offense. 

What should be encouraging to his real life team and to his fantasy owners, is that the 5’11, 230 lbs back is becoming an even more integral part of the Packers passing game. Last season he added 7 catches, 170 yards, and four receiving TD’s to his totals from last year.

If those numbers increase again this season, his value will skyrocket. Either way, one things for certain. There is a storm brewing on the horizon.

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