2015 Fantasy Football: Giving Yourself that Unfair Advantage

Most players seem to want to think that Fantasy Football is a popularity contest. They are the ones who follow the top 100 list right out of their favorite Draft Magazine and hope that if they stack a team with the biggest names or the best players from their favorite teams, they should automatically win. Those are usually the guys that talk the most shit on draft day, and are left licking their wounds when the playoffs begin. I’ve seen their strategy work on a rare occasion, and if you are lucky enough it will work for you. I’d much rather decide my own fate.

These few tips just might help swing the tide in your favor.

  • Draft the two best Tight Ends.  Only about half of the teams in your league will have a Tight End that is even worth playing from week to week. If you have one of the great ones you will have a very decent advantage. If you have the top two; not only will you dominate the TE slot most weeks, protect yourself during the bye week and have a solid flex option, but you will take away the two best options for everyone else in your league.  Imagine how much fun you would have busting out Gronk and Graham every week.
  • Don’t be ashamed to draft the player nobody else wants.  Every year there will be that player that everyone says is washed up. They will let him fall to the middle rounds and then laugh at you when you pick him. The reality is they want him in the worst way and are just pissed that you have the balls to get him on your squad. Halfway through the season your inbox will be full of trade offers for Andre Johnson.
  • Draft as many Running Backs as your league rules will allow. Its almost a guarantee that the stud backs you draft are going to get injured, suspended or they will just flat out suck. The players who drafted two back-up Quarterbacks, and three defenses will be be scrambling for the waiver wire while you don’t miss a beat. How many times do you think Justin Forsett will out rush AP and Ray Rice combined?
  • Don’t waste a first, second or third round draft pick on a receiver. There are 32 teams in the NFL. If each of them only had one viable receiving option, and every player drafted in the first 3 rounds was a receiver, you could burn your 4th and 5th round picks on a WR and still be okay. In the current league most teams have two prolific pass catchers, and a handful of squads even have three. Megatron will probably go in the first or second round of most drafts and according to last years stats he is only the 5th best option in the NFC Notth.
  • Pick up any star players that end up on the waiver wire in the first few weeks of the season. It may only be 16 games but in the NFL that makes for a long season. Some of the best players in the league are slow starters. Most fantasy players are very impatient. Don’t be afraid to take advantage of their panic. The greatest trick Tom Brady ever pulled was convincing the league he was washed up.
  • Only draft one Defense and one Kicker. In an offense dominated league, the fate of the K’s and the D’s have more to do with the teams they are playing, then their own skill. If you aren’t familiar with the term “streaming”, this would be a good time to learn. Unless you owned the Eagles Defense, or Stephen Gostkowski, your best option last season was whoever was playing against the Jags.

Some think managing a Fantasy Team is just a coin flip. Others think they have it all figured out. The ones who win do it for the love of the game.

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