Boston Celtics: Young Guns Playoff Berth

After being a team in a major rebuilding stage last year. The Celtics have surprised a lot of people with a playoff berth. 

Although they are young and got rid of key players. The Celtics put together a solid, young team who play well togethr.

Look at Avery Bradley for instance he has stepped into a large leadership role this year. Last year he was a key role player now he’s the guy they’re looking for a big shot. 

Another big part of the playoff berth, is the play of Isaiah Thomas who they acquired this season. Thomas has been playing very well lately and is hungry for more. 

Another reason for the Celtics success is thAt they play team  ball, and don’t care who scores. 

With a young front court in Zeller, Olynk, and Sullenger the team has looked to Brandon Bass to mentor the young guns. The post play has been fantastic especially for the young guys. Evan Turner is also a key player averaging 9.5 points, 5.1 rebounds, and 5.4 assists a game. If you look at it from my angle,  it appears as if like he’s responsible for about 21 points a game,(Including his assists and points).

Now onto coach Brad Stevens he might not have been very popular after the Rondo trade, but look at it this way he made a team that is winning games. He also has numerous first round draft picks. So for just his first few years as a N.B.A. Coach, I think he’s doing a stellar job. So for being called a major rebuilding team, the Celtics definitely  are on the right track! The Celtics are a team to be afraid of with great young talent and nice draft picks coming in the near future.

-Mason JTA 

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