2015 Fantasy Football Top Ten Wide Receivers 

The trendiest and most exciting position in sports, is loaded with talent once again this year. Here is a list of the best of the best.

Julio Jones

If it hadn’t been for injuries, and the Falcons disastrous O-Line, it would have become clear to the entire league last year that Jones is by far the best WR in the league. He was at a distinct disadvantage last year, and still went over the century mark in receptions, and had nearly 1600 yards. The one place he struggled was in the Red Zone, but that would seem to be more of an issue of his QB not having time. If Julio can stay healthy this year, he should be the first WR off the board in every league.

Demaryius Thomas

The ridiculously talented receiver, had more competition for targets than anyone else out there last season, and still managed to finish 2nd overall in receptions, 2nd in yards, and 4th in TD’s. He lost a major part of his competition in the Red Zone, and his numbers could increase dramatically. The only real question is how long can Peyton keep getting him the ball. 

Antinio Brown

This is one of those rare players who comes along only once in a generation, that is so different than everyone else at is position that defenses have a hard time figuring him out. I have a feeling that this is the year that the other teams start to get a handle on him, and if the Steelers don’t find someone to take the pressure off him it could hinder his numbers a bit. Even so, he is still very talented, and even though his value should dip a bit,  he will still end up as a top receiver, especially in PPR leagues.

Randall Cobb

It’s seems inevitable in every great receiving duo that at some point the power will shift. I believe this is the year that Cobb becomes the #1 guy in Green Bay. Both Aaron Rodgers and the Packers play-callers have sensed something special about him since the moment he stepped on the field, and the fact that they rewarded him with a “Big Boy” contract this year, shows their confidence hasn’t dwindled at all.  He still has to share targets with Jordie Nelson, so his increase in stats may be modest, but well worth it.

Andre Johnson

He seemed to be showing signs of decline, and still put up decent numbers last year. I have a sneaking suspicion however, that if you multiply 85, 936, and 3 times Andrew Luck, Johnson will once again find himself among the elite. It’s scary to think about what could happen between these two this season if he can stay on the field. I see a steep increase in all three numbers, with a good chance his TD’s could once again climb into doubled-digits.

Dez Bryant

You either love this guy or hate him. If he’s on your fantasy team their is nothing to hate. Dez loves putting his money where his mouth is, and we all know this dude can talk. The Cowboys offense may sputter at times as they try to find a replacement for Demarco Murray, and if I know anything about “88”, he’ll find a way to work it to his benefit.

Jordie Nelson

This guy is nothing if he isn’t consistent. You can count on him putting up big numbers every time you put him in your lineup. Jordie is a class act, and I could never see him playing with a chip on his shoulder.  If he does, it’s lights out for the rest of the league, and good news for you.

Odell Beckham Jr.

Extremely talented young player who took the league by storm. I’m afraid that after doing the unbelievable, playing with a decent at best QB, and a healthy Victor Cruz, OBJ has already maxed out his talent. The good news is even if he comes close to his numbers from last year he will make a valuable member of your team.

Emanuel Sanders

Very few receivers put up the kind of numbers Sanders did when they are the second option in an offense. He often did it as the third option, and still made it look very easy. Now that he has had a year to get to know his QB, and one-third of the competition is gone, that gap between one and two should narrow, and Sanders numbers should increase even more.

Calvin Johnson

It’s seems strange to see “Megatron” this low on the list, but bad teams, inconsistent Quarterbacks, and injuries happen, even to good people. As long as he’s still on the field, this guy can do things that other WR’s only dream about. So although you may not want to grab him with your top pick anymore, he is worth a shot as a bottom rung one, and would make a stellar two.

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