Sneaky Tips for Drafting a Fantasy Tight End

Even with the disparity at the Tight End position, finding the right player for your team doesn’t have to be as tricky as it may seem, and can give you a solid edge over everyone else if you follow a few easy steps.

A few years ago when Tight Ends started to catch ridiculous amounts of passes, and score a ton of TD’s, I made the mistake of passing on the elite players, and tried to find a dark horse. In doing this it became very apparent to me that the great ones all have one think in common, an elite Quarterback throwing them the ball. Despite common thought, it’s seems that a QB makes a TE, not the other way around.

Tight End’s are big and strong and athletic , and can muscle and jump their way to getting open, but a lot of times they need their QB to put the ball in a spot for them to make the catch.

Next, look for a TE who is his team’s go to receiver and/or main red zone threat. He can possess incredible skill, but if someone else get the carries or targets when they count, his numbers will suffer. 

It also helps if your TE is a good blocker, or he may not see the field as much in crucial situations.

Because there is a huge discrepancy between Elite and average Tight Ends in the league, make sure to know exactly who you want, and how high you are willing to take him, and then follow your plan closely. 

You may also find that you could put yourself at a distinct advantage by drafting two of the elite Tight Ends, Especially  if your league offers a flex option. The right TE can be even more valuable then a Receiver drafted in the same position, and can double as a backup for bye weeks, and as a cover in case of injury. Tight End’s are usually very physical, and seem to have a reputation for injury, so it never hurts to have a solid backup plan.

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