2015 Fantasy Football Quarterbacks


1. Andrew Luck

With all the elite veteran QB’s in the league, it’s hard to imagine that Luck has so quickly become the best fantasy option available, but it’s true. His talent alone puts him near the top, but now that the Colts are surrounding him with proven weapons, he is becoming impossible to pass up. Even if he doesn’t surpass last years numbers you can count on him boosting your team almost every week, if he does, , the sky’s the limit.

2. Aaron Rodgers

Rodgers is still the best all around QB in the NFL, and with his top receivers inked to multi-year deals, he will put up ridiculous numbers once again. The only thing that keeps him from being the top pick overall is his history of serious injuries. He seems to always be one big hit away from a concussion that could cause him to miss his next start, a good chunk of the season, or even end his career. With A-Rod, you take a risk of having to reach for your backup, but after Luck he’s the guy you have to have.

3. Russell Wilson

Even though it is hard to imagine Wilson as a top 3 QB, numbers don’t lie, and after the Seahawks gave him a shiny new toy in the form of Jimmy Graham, he should only become more productive. His value is even higher in keeper or franchise leagues, but even in redraft league his versatility speaks for itself. Expect YPG and TD’s to increase slightly.

4. Peyton Manning

Every season since his injury, the experts have doubted Peyton’s ability to maintain his record setting form, and every year he proves them wrong. This year, without his big play TE Julius Thomas, it may be a steeper hill to climb, but he still has plenty of weapons at his disposal, and every year he seems to find even more. This year may mark the start of his decline, but even a slightly slowed Peyton Manning is a safer bet then most of the other passers in the league.

5. Ben Rothlisberger

QB seems to be the one position in the NFL where a player can be his best even past his prime. That seems to be the most true with Big Ben. He’s been great since his rookie season, but somehow he seems to be even better now. He had some electric young talent around him, and with his ability to keep the play alive, and create, this could be his best statistical year yet. I would expect a great start to the season with Bell out with a suspension, and a steady flow from there.

6. Drew Brees

Brees disappointed in all but a few weeks last year, and still finished as a top 5 fantasy QB in PPG in most fantasy formats. The Saints have revamped their offense in an apparent attempt to rely more on the ground game. On top of that Jimmy Graham and Kenny Stills are gone, and Colston seems to have lost some of his magic, but I wouldn’t count Drew Bree’s out just yet. He may start out slow, due to having to make adjustments, but he should still finish the season with stellar numbers.

7. Matt Ryan

Tony Gonzales retired, and everything else seemed to go wrong for the Falcons. They flashed moments of intense brilliance throughout the season, but for the most part they struggled with inconsistency, and a depleted O-line. Before that Matt Ryan seemed to be turning into a near elite QB, and I wouldn’t sleep on him or this offense just yet. He definitely possesses the skill and weapons to be a consistent producer in fantasy, and this might just be the year he turns that potential into reality.

8. Tom Brady

We all see him as immortal. It doesn’t seem to matter what names are on the roster around him, this guy performs as well as anyone in history. Even though most don’t want to believe it, and the end result seems to say differently, last year was different. There were times when “Tom Terrific” looked absolutely terrible. The Patriots seem to have an answer for everything, but at some point the will really se they can’t rewind time. Yes, Brady will still be brilliant at times, and he will still get you your points from time to time, but if you want consistency, you would be wise to look elsewhere.

9. Cam Newton

I don’t think the reason people struggle to trust Cam as a great QB, has as much to do with him, as it does with the Panthers as a whole. I don’t think I have ever seen an offense so loaded with talent yet have no idea how to use it. Superman seems to be maturing steadily into his game, finally has a couple of deadly targets, and of course has insane speed and athleticism. This guy had too many ways to hurt a defense, and if it all ever comes together, he might just become one of the unforgettables. I wouldn’t bank on that quite yet, but if you want a bit of a risk, with an enormous upside, he is definitely a solid pick.

10. Tony Romo
Even though he sneaks into the top ten, I wouldn’t want to have to put my faith in Romo as my starter this year. People credited DeMarco Murray’s incredible year to great I-line play, but now that he’s gone there seems to be a gaping hole in the run game. If no one can step up and eat the yards that Murray did, that is going to put a ton of pressure on the QB. I hate to beat a dead horse, but we all know how Romo deals with pressure. If you don’t choose to pick one of the top QB’s he isn’t the worst bet, but I would count on a slight decline in yards, noticeably less TDs, and a very frustrated Dez Bryant.

The Back Ups:

Matthew Stafford-has the talent and weapons, he just seems to lack desire.

Ryan Tannehill – His success seems equivalent to the amount of faith his team had in him.

Teddy Bridgewater – every mobile QB seems to have a very successful one or two years, this may be his best year.

Philip Rivers – a poor mans Tony Romo

Andy Dalton – People may laugh at you for taking him, but he isn’t as bad as he looks.

Alex Smith – Finally has a legit weapon.

Jay Cutler – always has weapons, but I would rather have his backup, whoever it is.


Blake Bortles – Had a year to learn the game, and now has a big time playmaker, and nothing to lose.

Derek Carr – This second year QB plays with heart and a sadistic smile reminiscent of Brett Favre. No one seems to have noticed, but his GM has placed some highly talented players around him. If it was any team but the Raiders, I would consider him as a possibility for a top ten year.

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